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Homefront Story

The year is 2027. Her infrastructure shattered and military in disarray, America has fallen to a savage occupation by the nuclear armed Greater Korean Republic. Abandoned by her former allies, the United States is a bleak landscape of walled towns and abandoned suburbs. This is a police state where high school stadiums have become detention centers, and shopping malls shelter armored attack vehicles. Join the Resistance with our Homefront Cheats, stand united and fight for freedom against an overwhelming military force In Homefront's gripping, cinematic single player campaign, and experience epic, ground breaking multiplayer action all set in a terrifyingly plausible near-future world.




Homefront Plot

In 2013, one year after the succession of Kim Jong-Il, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un reunites North and South Korea to form the Greater Korean Republic. The influence of China and the United States decline in the face of continued economic stagnation and a war between Iran and Saudi Arabia disrupting Middle Eastern oil supplies, while Europe is cut off by a Russian-Ukrainian "mutual interest" deal. As the United States withdraws overseas troops to deal with domestic instability, including the Texas secession debate and an outbreak of bird flu known as the Knoxville Cough, the Greater Korean Republic annexes Japan and several Southeast Asian countries. By 2022, the United States faces extreme economic turmoil and massive social unrest. Finally, in 2025, a satellite, launched under the cover of a program to replace the decaying Global Positioning System, detonates a nuclear electromagnetic pulse over the continental United States. The destruction of above-ground electronics across the country is followed by Korean invasions of Hawaii and San Francisco, paratrooper deployments across the Midwest, and the irradiation of the Mississippi River to divide the United States, leaving the American military isolated and scattered.

Protagonist Robert Jacobs, a former Marine helicopter pilot, is woken in his make-shift house in Montrose, Colorado and ordered to a re-education camp in Alaska for failing to answer draft orders from the occupation forces. However, Jacobs's trip is cut short when his bus is ambushed by American resistance fighters Connor Morgan and Rianna. Jacobs is led to Oasis, a resistance hideout led by local state policeman Karlson. Boone, Connor, and Rianna are aware of Jacobs's background as a pilot and recruit him to help recover fuel for the US military in San Francisco. Boone initiates the operation with himself, Jacobs, Connor, Rianna and Hopper, a Korean-American technical expert.

They plan to steal several tracking beacons in a school used as a concentration camp by contacting an inside man named Arnie. However, Arnie betrays the team to protect his children, forcing the team to kill the contact and eliminate all forces in the camp. They discover a mass grave and narrowly escape Korean reinforcements by hiding among the bodies. Shortly after Jacobs, Connor, and Rianna succeed in locating the trucks and planting a beacon on one of them, Connor and the team return to Oasis only to find that Boone and all of the inhabitants of the Resistance base have been killed by Korean troops. They narrowly escape with other Colorado resistance fighters by breaching the fortress wall used to keep people trapped in the town by destroying their own Goliath.

Jacobs, Connor, Rianna and Hopper are able to escape from Korean forces with information that a helicopter that they can use in the operation is located in a survivalist base in Utah, but they were paranoid. The team infiltrates the headquarters and manages to steal the helicopter, pursuing the fuel convoy nearing California. With the convoy successfully hijacked. With Jacobs giving air support, the team continues their journey to San Francisco where they deliver their jet fuel to aid the US military.

As the team and the military close in on San Francisco through the Golden Gate Bridge, they encounter heavy Korean resistance and taking heavy casualties, but they succeed in taking most of the city. Nearing the other side of the bridge, the helpless team encounters a large Korean convoy trying to push the resistance fighters and US military back. Outnumbered, with no other choice, Connor advances towards the convoy with a flare and orders a successful air strike, sacrificing himself in the process for the remaining forces to proceed in taking the bridge back. The news of the operation is then reported by the British media, reports that American resistances fighters join U.S military forces. The San Francisco offensive attack proves to be a turning point for American forces against the Korean occupation with the European Union calling for an emergency meeting to aid the Americans.



Addition Homefront Game Info


The antagonists in Homefront were originally intended to be Chinese, but were later replaced by a unified Korea for two reasons: a possible backlash by the Chinese Ministry of Culture and the reality of economic interdependence between America and China that made the Chinese "not that scary" said Tae Kim, a former CIA field agent and consultant on the game's backstory. "We went to a very rigorous, academic research process to make sure to not only look at North Korea's current state but to look at historical examples how things could parallel and turn events. History repeats itself. From today to the day the invasion starts in the game, if you combine everything, the odds are very very slim this becomes true. But when you look at the storyline step by step, every step is a coin flip but a plausible step. So once you get there, it's plausible. And from there the next step is plausible as well. Even though the whole thing is fictional, it comes with plausible baby steps."

The finalized version of Homefront's timeline was released at end of January 2011.


Single player

Homefront's gameplay has been completely reworked from its origins in Frontlines: Fuel of War, focusing on a more cinematic, character-driven experience.

David Votypka, the design director of Homefront, stated in an interview with G4TV that the gameplay will be based around guerilla style tactics, inspired by Half-Life 2.[11] The same interview also contained information stating that one of the important facts concerning your surroundings is that they are built to try and establish a connection with the user by using real companies and brands. The campaign is said to be 5–10 hours long depending on experience.


The multiplayer component of Homefront is focused on large-scale vehicle based combat reminiscent of Kaos' first title, Frontlines: Fuel of War. The defining innovation of Homefront's multiplayer is its battle points system, which is an in-game currency that allows a player to purchase weapons, gear and vehicles. Players earn points by taking objectives and getting kills and are forced to choose between many small purchases such as weapons versus larger, higher cost items like helicopters and tanks. It has been confirmed that the multi-player will support up to 32 players in one match, with 16 players on each team. According to rumors, there will be 7 maps for the PS3 and PC and there will be 8 maps for the Xbox 360. Nothing has been confirmed.[14] Homefront on Xbox 360 will be getting a limited exclusive map called "Suburbs", which will be set in the Suburbs of America and will be infantry / drone only.

When the game was released, the Online Multiplayer Servers were overloaded, and Online Gameplay had to be shut off. Users were only allowed to play Private Matches.

Plot and online pass

The Multiplayer takes place in the period before the U.S. Armed Forces were completely scattered.

Each new copy of Homefront contains an online pass, enabling users the full multiplayer experience. Although the online pass is not required to play multiplayer, those who play without an online pass will be capped at level 5 out of 75.

PC version:

Homefront's PC version was developed by Digital Extremes, a Canadian developer responsible for numerous Unreal Tournament games and Bioshock ports. Frank Delise, the executive producer of the PC version has stated that the PC version of the game will feature exclusive content and dedicated servers. Additional exclusive features include clan support, DirectX 11 graphics, and first person vehicle cockpits. Homefront has been released on Steam, as well as the OnLive gaming service. Also, spectator mode and demo recording will be included along with a dedicated server executable, server tools and RCON.


Advertising for Homefront has simulated a declaration of war in mainstream websites and media, creating confusion amongst many non-gamers. The nature and timing of the advertising created concern in the wake of the ROKS Cheonan sinking and the recent artillery strike on Yeonpyeong Island, causing mainstream media coverage of the advertising campaign.[23] THQ has denied that the game was developed to piggyback off the tensions on the Korean peninsula, saying that "Homefront is a work of speculative fiction, set in the year 2027. Recent real-world events on the Korean peninsula are obviously tragic and, like everyone, we hope for a swift and peaceful resolution."

For sales of Homefront to Japan, the game has been censored by removing all references to North Korea including pictures of North Korean leader Kim Jong-il.[25] They are replaced by references to "A Certain Country to the North" (北の某国?) and the "Northern Leader" (北の指導者?).[26] Spike, the game's Japanese/Asian publisher, justified the censors because they said to "use their real names would have been 'malicious' to an 'existing person' and an 'existing country.'"[27] The game has been banned from all types of sales in South Korea.

THQ's promotional balloon stunt for the game at the GDC angered San Francisco residents after 10,000 balloons fell into San Francisco Bay.


Homefront was met with positive to mixed reviews across all platforms, with most critics praising the atmosphere and story, as well as giving particular praise to the multiplayer, while criticism has focused on the short length of the single player campaign. According to the Homefront Official Facebook Page, PlayStation: The Official Magazine Italy gave Homefront a 9/10 rating, calling Homefront: "One of the most intense, emotional experiences of 2011". CVG has given the game a 8.6/10. Play Magazine has given it 69%, praising Kaos studios for the different campaign mode and multiplayer, but criticizing most other things, mainly the short campaign. GamingExcellence awarded the game an 8.4/10, praising the cinematic story-driven gameplay, but criticizing the short campaign.[ Metacritic awarded the game an 71 out of 100 on Xbox 360 and 70 of 100 on PlayStation 3. Metacritic User Ratings are 69/100 and 63/100 respectively. GameRankings awarded the game an overall 74.32% for the PlayStation 3 version and 74.45% for the Xbox 360 version. IGN awarded the game a 7/10, praising the setting and presentation, while criticizing the short campaign.

GameSpot gave the game 7.0 of 10, praising some memorable moments and the well crafted multiplayer, however it criticized the short length and that it felt too familiar compared to other first person shooters.

GameZone gave the game an 8/10, stating "With a few tweaks and a fresher coat of paint, Homefront would have been outstanding, far outshining either of those titles. As is, it's still worth a playthrough, and the quality multiplayer makes an excellent alternative to your current, aging FPS of choice."


THQ previously stated first day sales in North America reached 375,000 copies sold. THQ announced an estimated 1 million copies across North America, Europe and Asia Pacific markets have been sold. It has also shipped 2.6 million units to retail since launch.

Despite mixed reviews, Cowen & Company analyst Doug Creutz expects THQ FPS Homefront to sell two million units. Writing in an analyst note about the game's 72 Metacritic rating, which led to a drop in the publisher's share price, he said: "With over 20 reviews now reported at the Metacritic website, it is clear that Homefront has not lived up to expectations in terms of game quality. We note that EA's Medal of Honor earned a similar 74 aggregate review score last year but has still sold over 5M units to-date, in part due to aggressive marketing by EA and positive pre-release buzz. Homefront has been building buzz up to the launch date so we believe the title will still be a decent seller for THQ despite mixed reviews."




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